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We are giving our face to face Appointment to a limited number of clients or visitors.

Support in sales, service, and billing did not need an appointment. You can contact us for support in "sales, service, and billing " via Live chat, Ticket, or Phone call.

       We have more than 400 + clients. We have the limit to communicating face-to-face. If you want to communicate face-to-face, you have applicable for the appointment charge in Support of sales, service, and billing. We have an appointment charge that is different based on the position of the person you were conducting the meeting. First step you must check the appointment time below the appointment checker. If you have an available date and time you can submit it for approval from the Department of Cyberchrome. You will get the approved message from the Cyberchrome department in the mail if they approve and the mail has a link also to make the payment of Rs 10,000/- for the appointment. Please note the main thing, the appointment payment link has a certain time to make the payment, after that time you will miss the appointment. If you make a payment of Rs 10,000/- for an appointment, but you are not visiting for the appointment time you will lose the money there is no option for the complete refund.