5 Years Of

Our History

Our projects are based on social commitment. We do not accept any donations. Projects Fundraising is connected to the profit of the company. We specialize in developing, AI, Robotics, Software, and Business Development. Our mission is to develop India one step more. As a result, we have developed a project called " Signature" This project will help to improve the life of poor people in India. Unable to catch new clients is the main problem facing every startup company. Here we defend the Interruption with the help of Abhiraj Kovilakam, He is a Digital marketing specialist, Software developer, and Ethical hacker. Sujatha kk is the backbone of the company. she is the director of Eltro Cyberchrome Private Limited. and Abhiraj is the managing director as a heart he has the main role to co-ordinate the pulse of the company.

Birth of The Firm

Mr. Abhiraj Kovilakam is planning to form a social network like Google Plus in 2014. However, he does not know how to develop a big network like Google Plus.

Importing poisoned vegetables

Mr. Abhiraj Kovilakam tried to avoid importing poisoned vegetables from other states by cultivating a kitchen garden in one Laksh house. But the result is a big failure Because the members don't join together in teamwork.

The Brand

After the failure to avoid importing poisoned vegetables, he decides to go alone everywhere. He avoids the presence of his friend circles and people everywhere and this is the starting stage of hating people.

Formation of Cyberchrome

He formed a Private Limited IT Company with the help of his mother Sujatha. But it was another step off of mental stress and sacrifice.

He has traveled through many bumps and pitfalls. This period was an unforgettable life experience.

Primary target

Finally, he won and he launched a social network worldwide. The first four Laksh users are the business owners, He made a secret strategy to develop the four Laksh users in his social network. Now he turned his career to the next step in the film industry to achieve his goals.